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Monday May 25th, 2009

After a few weeks in Professor Matloff’s...
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Other tags: life

Facial Animation
Monday March 16th, 2009

Here’s my latest project in Maya, a short animation that includes at least four different f...
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Other tags: portfolio

Working in Maya
Thursday February 26th, 2009

I'm taking a class in Maya this quarter,...
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Other tags: arts portfolio

I Can Use Photoshop
Saturday January 17th, 2009

As part of the Technocultural Studies program...
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Other tags: arts projects

Max/MSP/Jitter Cloak Effect
Monday June 2nd, 2008

For a class I'm in, TCS 110: Object-Orient...
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Other tags: projects

Blind Carbon Copy
Tuesday April 29th, 2008

BCC. That extra line under "CC" or "To:" when composing an email....
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Other tags: life ramblings

Guerilla Marketing
Thursday April 17th, 2008

I had some time before class started today. I couldn't help myself....
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Other tags: arts

My Emails Is Eated!
Wednesday April 2nd, 2008

I think I'm paranoid. I've out a handful of emails from a computer I'm borrowing, but no confirma...
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Other tags: life

Sunday February 24th, 2008

I'm re-watching Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odd...
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Other tags: life

Design ADD?
Monday February 11th, 2008

So already sketching out plans for another redesign of For those of you countin...
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Other tags: life

New Quarter
Thursday January 10th, 2008

I've entered my second quarter at school now, and the biggest change has definitely been the fact...
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Holiday Cheer
Thursday November 29th, 2007

Growing up as a jewish kid, I never got to have a Christmas tree. It makes sense, right? But than...
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Other tags: life

Halloween Spirit
Monday October 29th, 2007

It's almost the end of October. Which means it's almost Halloween. Which means that it's time for...
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Other tags: life

Study Break!
Tuesday October 16th, 2007

College is amazing, but there are a few quirks here and there. I think the strangest thing about...
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Other tags: life

RSS is a Go!
Tuesday October 9th, 2007

So, starting today, has RSS. Amazing! Wonderful Spectacular! I pretty much have...
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Other tags: site update life

College Still Rocks!
Thursday October 4th, 2007

So now that I've been at Davis for a week, I really understand why people say bi...
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Other tags: life school


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