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Monday May 25th, 2009

After a few weeks in Professor Matloff’s ECS 145 class, “Scripting Languages” I need to declare to the world that the Python programming language is a pretty remarkable language.

I like the simple, approachable syntax: the lack of braces and semicolons makes the source easy on the eyes. I also like how Python has more of a direction than say, PHP. What I mean is that the functions are all named with the same conventions. I like that most of the built-in methods are easily recognizeable like __init()__, and __str()__. This way, I know what they are, and where they are used. PHP can’t even pretend that it has a consitent naming scheme for its functions. To me, PHP appears to lack this direction, and has evolved into a sloppy language.

Performance-wise, Python is supposed to be right up there with PHP, so in the next iteration of this website, I think I’d like to implement a Python back end.

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