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Thursday February 26th, 2009

I'm taking a class in Maya this quarter, TCS 130 with Professor Neff. We've been working for something like six or seven weeks now, but I haven't made anything show-worthy yet. Now I have, so I'm going to present my scene: “Vegetables at Sunset.” Click on each image to view it in higher definition.

Vegetables at Sunset
Long shadows at sunset.
Vegetables at Sunset
I just really like this one, it really feels like a sunset.
Vegetables at Sunset
Notice the subtle depth-of-field effect.

So, why vegetables? The professor kidded that everybody makes fruits for simple art projects (the classic “paint a bowl of fruit” assignment), so they must be too easy, and we should do vegetables. Technically, pumpkins and eggplant may be fruits, but we’ll let that slip.

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