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Making Toast

Thursday December 4th, 2008

So I got a new toaster this year. It's great. I love it...when I'm paying close attention.

Burniness VS Time
Burniness of Toast VS Time

So, as you can see, there's an ideal level of burniness. However, it's somewhere between “completely toasted” and “not toasted at all.” Basically, I have to watch this toaster vigilantly and wait for the precise moment when the toast is golden and crunchy. Also, I'm proud of my new word, burniness.

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This should be your new tshirt
Oley on December 5th at 10:40 PM
Haha yeah, I could see that. "Toasters: Burniness in a box"
Zach Margolis on December 7th at 9:05 PM

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