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Friday December 18th, 2009

Welcome to the new! Wait, huh? “The site is exactly the same as it has been for the past six months!” you may be thinking. Au contrare: I had a brief, fleeting moment of genius and realized that http://ΖΜ.com was available.

But so what? “http://ΖΜ.com is just another two-letter domain name!” you might say. Again, not quite. http://ΖΜ.com is actually Zeta-Mu, two Greek letters smashed together followed by a dot-com. Get it? In reality, the domain that I bought is, also known as http://ζμ.com. So now, I can be like some of the big names of bloggerdom and have my own personal short URLs.

This is only the beginning! More to follow!

Tags: internet site update


Hey, klielr job on that one you guys!
Jonalyn on August 23rd at 7:36 AM
MJwKmj dkuhzhwdniup
kemejvvtzxs on August 24th at 2:11 AM
Your story was really inofratmive, thanks!
Deogratias on May 11th at 7:44 AM

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