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College Rocks!

Monday September 24th, 2007

So I've moved in to UC Davis, and pretty much settled. College is the best. Where else on earth can you go from playing glow-in-the-dark Ultimate Frisbee to a monstrous game of Scrabble? Or Apples to Apples? Or Catchphrase. For that matter, where else can you win a free bicycle from the Aggie Pack? After talking smack about Cruiser bikes pretty much all weekend, I kinda had to eat my words when I won a Cruiser in a relay race. This bike is pretty cool, I must say. Gosh. I probably would have posted everything that I've done here as it's happened, but I've been so distracted. Distracted in a good way! I think I want to try to actually make my demo reel...but uh...or not. I should get rid of that "Coming soon" image, and replace it with "Coming eventually."

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