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Tuesday June 10th, 2008

So yesterday Apple showed off the 3G iPhone.

I think I want one, but I don't know. The $10 extra on top of the first gen's data plan seems like a lot (that makes for $30 per 3G iPhone line on a plan). Even more so, considering I have unlimited data right now for $15 with ATT—it's not smartphone certified, but it works the same when my SIM is in a 3G phone. Also, I was just adjusting to the fact that the iPhone was handling acceptably without 3G in its current EDGE data form. The software upgradeability made me really tempted to buy a refurb EDGE iPhone, and now I'm a little bummed I didn't do so.

It's too bad they can't be ordered online at all or else I would have pre-ordered already. That way, I wouldn't have let the effects of the Reality Distortion Field wear off from the keynote. I'll see if I still want one come July 11.

PS, why doesn't the new MobileMe support note synching? That makes the iPhone's Notes app kind of useless.

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