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Oops, I Twittered Again

Wednesday February 27th, 2008

I got a Twitter account yesterday. On one level, it's pointless. On the other, it's oodles of fun to think that the aggregate of my abstract thoughts might mean something. Kind of like my blog, huh? It's also a great way to distract from my homework...also like my blog. Dang.

Of course, I had to add a little Javascript blogroll to my page, too. Peep it in the bottom right. It's "When you give a mouse a cookie..." all over again.

Tags: life


Okay I just checked out your webpage and am TOTALLY IMPRESSED!!!! You Rick Mr. Margolis. I will certainly reccomend you to anyone I know. Hope College is going well!!!

Take Care,
Donna (BK mom) on February 27th at 7:10 PM

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