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Tuesday January 29th, 2008

While it was dark yesterday, I made probably the worst dumb mistake ever. I saw a piece of dirt below my spacebar. I obsessively compulsed, pulled off the key that alphabetically follows "M," so my keyboard is without that letter. Whatever you do, please leave your laptop keyboards together, as they are hard to fix!

Oops. I must have left some stuff out of this post.

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Ooh I would love one. I love what you did with my previous ones, and I have an old one that soelry needs a makeover. And I have an idea for another one in the pipeline I have had some great comments re your work and I'm recommending you to all xo[]
Narimen on May 13th at 6:13 PM
Kq3fK1 studhkajthah
tdrlrcuon on May 13th at 8:48 PM

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