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An Upgrade

Saturday December 22nd, 2007

So the cellular love of my life for most of the last two years was the Sony Ericsson s710a. This summer, I started to doubt its greatness and longevity so I took advantage of an "extend your contract by two years and we'll give you a discounted phone" offer. So I got the Samsung a707 SYNC because it had a 3G connection which I had been itching for.

Well it's three months later and I've just migrated back. The Samsung interface feels really clunky compared to the refined menu options in the Sony Ericssson. Besides, the Sony Ericsson is a rotating slider, which is really badass. The Sony also syncs better with my computer, came with a free removable memory card, and even is supported by the Kaywa Reader QR Code decoder. Gosh. I feel like I just pulled a Windows Vista.

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