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It's Sunday!

Sunday November 18th, 2007

Sunday ads are the best ever. They're the only reason for me to read local newspapers. Today, the Circuit City ad had DVD's for $2.99. The first question in your mind must be, "But what are the actual movies for sale?" Well let me answer that question for you: this week they had Orange County with Jack Black in it. Which includes possibly one of the verbal exchanges in the history of film:

"But it takes seven hours to get from here to Stanford..."
"I can get you there in three!

I mean honestly, who wouldn't want to magically cut four hours off of a Norcal-SoCal commute? I'm going to fly home this week for Thanksgiving, so I suppose I get to kind of cheat my way out of that drive, but it still seems like a nice idea. The other redeeming feature of Orange County is that they at least consider the issue that driving from SoCal to Norcal takes time. I mean, The Graduate makes it look like you can just pop in a tape Simon and Garfunkel, drive under a tunnel or two, and appear magically in the other half of Calfornia. Not so, my friends. Not so.

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