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Halloween Spirit

Monday October 29th, 2007

It's almost the end of October. Which means it's almost Halloween. Which means that it's time for pumpkins and candy. This weekend, Hannah had a pumpkin with a sign that said, "Please don't steal the pumpkin!" which obviously meant that I had to steal the pumpkin. So I did. Like six times in two days. It was a fun game where I took the pumpkin when she wasn't around and hid it and she had to find it. Good times. In other news, I've been sketching bicycles for art class, and I feel like a bicycle stalker. My drawings are getting better, however.

I've been at college for a month now, and I'm only barely in the middle of midterms. But I already have to pick my classes for next quarter. It's redonkulous. I accidentally made up a schedule with 5 classes and 21 units, so I quickly knocked it down to 17 by ditching a math class. I'll make up for it next quarter... Happy Halloween, everybody!

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